Tripda Team

Our ride ends here

Tripda ceased operations. if you wish to get in touch, please send an email to [email protected]

Transforming the way people travel has always been our goal. We believe that through ride sharing people can travel in a cheaper, greener, friendlier and faster way. And for two years, we have helped to bring this vision to bear.

Tripda helped over 1 million travelers, in 13 different countries, especially Vietnam to have a genuinely great trip. Meeting through our platform, drivers and passengers had an unparalleled collaborative experience, rating each other with 5 stars in 95% of the rides.

And this is exactly what we aimed for.

And yet, despite the success of our community, our operating costs became too high, and we had to reassess our prospects. Given the inherent challenge of funding our operation as it continues to grow, we realized it was time to bring our ride to an end, discontinuing the Tripda platform as it is today.

We loved this ride and we believe that life will always be about the journey. To keep sharing your ride, We suggest you check out Uber.